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                        Prom Dresses, Evening Dresses, Special Occasions, Cruise, Vavavoom Boutique has Prom Dresses for you in York
                            We have a strictly one Prom, one Prom dress policy

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Due to Holidays

During the period 3 - 20 July the appointment system online will be unavailable - If you woulod like an appointment please call Janet on  07872 018260 who will be delighted to help you 

To book your private, 60 minute appointment, (giving plenty of time to relax and enjoy trying on lots of fabulous gowns,) simply complete the form and choose your preferred date and time and Tah Dah! 

Your booking goes directly into our diary, really easy and from the comfort of your sofa you have made your appointment.
Appointments are available every day up to 9.00pm

We have dresses from a number of top designers, not found on the high street, in many different colours and fabrics, from size 4 - 16. All dresses are sold from stock ready to wear.  
Please note that during the busy prom season we do sometimes have to run two appointments simultaneously.
We have two changing rooms so you are booking the changing room for a one hour appointment. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee during the busiest times to offer sole use of the boutique. If you require a private appointment please contact us and we will try our very best to accommodate your request x
     One Dress one Event guarantee, We will only sell one gown to each event and keep a register of all gowns sold. 
Your dress remains top secret.